Kiswahili Kwa Kitendo

Online Audio for Kiswahili Kwa Kitendo

Cover of Zawawi textbook

This site contains digitized versions of the audio tapes that accompany the textbook Kiswahili Kwa Kitendo: An Introductory-Intermediate Course by Professor Sharifa M. Zawawi. A workbook entitled Jifunze Kiswahili Chetu, Vol. 2: Learn Our Kiswahili accompanies the introductory textbook chapter by chapter. Both the textbook and workbook are published by Africa World Press, Inc. They may be purchased online directly from the press or thorough numerous other vendors of academic books.

This online version of the tapes is provided with permission of Sharifa M. Zawawi. Additional materials have also been recorded by the Five College Center for World Languages and provided here with permission from Professor Zawawi. The material is copyrighted and may be used only in accordance with "fair use" copyright guidelines for educational materials. Funding for digitizing the original audio, recording new materials, and making the materials available online was provided by a grant from the Andrew W. Mellon Foundation for expanding offerings in African languages.

The audio material is organized by lesson number. The audio section for each lesson begins with the material from the original tapes. The original tapes correspond most closely to the first edition of the textbook published in 1988. The original audio is followed by newly recorded materials which correspond to the second edition of the textbook published in 2001.