Module 26

Study Goals

  • Memorization and active use of the vocabulary in Gaye Chapter VIII, p. 151
  • Understanding and active use of past tense expressions and the use of the past marker "-woon"
  • Completion of the questions on pp. 148-150

Getting Started

  • Review the vocabulary in Gaye Chapter VIII, p. 151.
  • Review the dialogues on pp. 127-128.
  • Review the grammatical explanations on pp. 129-131.

Practice Exercises

  • Complete the exercises on p. 148.
  • Complete the exercises on p. 150.

Culture Capsule

  • LangMedia,Wolof and French in Senegal Telephone
    • "Can I Please Talk to Aye?"
    • "I Would Like to Talk to Yafaty!"

Conversation Session Preparation

  • Be prepared to role play meeting friends in both rural and non-rural situations. Pretend that you have missed an appointed meeting with each other and discuss what you (both) have and have not done.
  • When your conversation partner shows you pictures, be prepared to create histories of the people in the pictures.
  • Prepare a diary of what you have done during the week and be ready to discuss it with your classmates.


  • I have memorized and can actively use the vocabulary in Chapter VIII, p. 151.
  • I understand and can freely integrate into my sentence structure the past tense and the past marker "-woon."
  • I have completed the questions on pp. 148-150.
  • Submit self-assessment report as required by your course syllabus or program.