Beginning Wolof Modules

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The Five College Course Plan for Beginning Wolof covers the equivalent of the first year of college level language study. The course plan includes a syllabus divided into 40 study modules, study and conversation session guides, self-assessment tools, and links to multimedia materials. Designed especially for students in independent study or mentored language programs, the plan guides students toward oral proficiency, listening comprehension, and basic reading skills. Each module includes assignments and suggestions for 6-10 hours of independent study and/or conversation session time.

To use the Beginning Wolof Course Plan, the student will need to purchase or have access to the textbook:

Gaye, Pape Amadou. Practical Course in Wolof: An Audio-Aural Approach. Peace Corps, Washington, D.C. This text is available from the ERIC Document Reproduction Service.

The student will also need to have access to materials from our Five College LangMedia Website. LangMedia materials are available free of charge on the website. However, because we cannot guarantee that LangMedia will always be up and available, we recommend that institutions using the course plans obtain local institutional copies of these materials. For more information, see LangMedia's Availability and Distribution Policies.

About the Five College Course Plans for Less-Commonly Taught Languages: Funded by grants from the Andrew W. Mellon Foundation, the Five College Course Plans for Less-Commonly Taught Languages serve as both syllabi and study guides for independent study or mentored language courses. The course plans are used in the Five College Supervised-Independent Language Program and in Five College Mentored Language Courses. Other institutions and private individuals are welcome to use the course plans at no charge. Each course plan is based on study materials readily available in the United States. Users will need to purchase the appropriate texts and multimedia materials from their vendors of choice. Special purchasing instructions are provided when necessary.