Module 18

Study Goals

  • Memorization and active use of the vocabulary in Gaye Chapter VI, p. 120
  • Understanding of Chapter VI, sections III and IV, pp. 114-116
  • Understanding of auxiliary verbs
  • Continued understanding of formation of relative clauses
  • Completion of exercises on p. 116

Getting Started

  • Review the vocabulary in Gaye Chapter VI, p. 120.
  • Review the dialogues on pp. 112-113.

Practice Exercises

  • Read and memorize the grammatical information in section III, pp. 114-115, that deals with auxiliary verbs and relative clauses.
  • Listen to the questions and complete the exercises on 116.

Conversation Session Preparation

  • Be prepared to discuss various professions with both rural and non-rural inhabitants.
  • Actively try to make the sentences in your conversation more complex. Instead of saying, for example, "This is Susan. She lives in Dakar," say, "This is Susan who lives in Dakar." Your conversation partner will create sentences for you to combine in this way for additional practice.


  • I have memorized and can actively use the vocabulary in Gaye Chapter VI, p. 120.
  • I understand auxiliary verbs and relative clauses and can use them in my speech.
  • I have completed the exercises on p. 116.
  • Submit self-assessment report as required by your course syllabus or program.