Module 3

Study Goals

  • Active use of the vocabulary in Gaye Chapter I, pp. 14-17
  • Completion of Chapter I, sections V-VI, pp. 12-13
  • Review of subject pronouns and the presentative, word order in question formation, the completion marker, the particle, and the possessive

Getting Started

  • Review the dialogues in section II, pp. 4-7.
  • Review the grammatical concepts in section III, pp. 6-10.

Practice Exercises

  • Complete the exercises in section V, p. 12.
  • Complete the exercises in section VI, p. 13.

Culture Capsule

  • LangMedia,Wolof and French in Senegal Greetings and Partings
    • "Introducing Relatives"
    • "Introducing a Friend to a Sister"

Conversation Session Preparation

  • Be prepared to create greetings dialogues complete with appropriate body language.
  • Be prepared to ask and answer questions posed by the conversation partner or classmates.
  • Be prepared to actively use all the vocabulary and grammatical concepts of Chapter I.


  • I have memorized and have active use of the Chapter I vocabulary.
  • I can create and respond to basic greetings accompanied by appropriate body language.
  • I can use the grammatical concepts presented in section III.
  • I have completed the exercises in sections V and VI.
  • Submit self-assessment report as required by your course syllabus or program.