Module 15

Study Goals

  • Memorization and active use of the vocabulary in Gaye Chapter V, pp. 100-103
  • Understanding of Chapter V, section III, pp. 85-92
  • Understanding of the predicator "-dafa" with active verbs
  • Understanding of special stress on verbs
  • Understanding of the habitual present
  • Continued understanding of relative clauses and possessive pronouns
  • Understanding of the temporal relative "bu(su)"
  • Completion of section IV, exercises on p. 97

Getting Started

  • Read and listen to the vocabulary in Gaye Chapter V, pp. 100-103.
  • Look over the dialogues on pp. 90-92 and identify new vocabulary.

Practice Exercises

  • Review the vocabulary in Gaye Chapter V, pp. 100-103.
  • Review both dialogues in section II, pp. 90-92.
  • Read and memorize the information in section III, pp. 93-96.
  • Listen to the questions and complete the exercise on p. 97.

Culture Capsule

  • LangMedia,Wolof and French in Senegal Post office
    • "Buying Stamps at the Post Office"
    • "Mailing a Package"

Conversation Session Preparation

  • Be prepared to discuss situations in which time is involved and to be able to differentiate between something that you do every day or every season (habitual action) and something that is a one time occurrence.
  • Be prepared to alter sentences so that they include relative clauses.
  • Be prepared to discuss families and extended families. Create imaginary families for imaginary characters in your conversation session.


  • I have memorized and can actively use the vocabulary in Gaye Chapter V, pp. 100-103.
  • I understand the predicator "-dafa" with active verbs.
  • I understand special stress on verbs.
  • I understand the habitual present.
  • I understand relative clauses and possessive pronouns.
  • I understand the temporal relative "bu(su)."
  • I have completed the exercise on p. 97.
  • Submit self-assessment report as required by your course syllabus or program.