Module 20

Study Goals

  • Review of Chapters IV-VI

Getting Started

  • Review vocabulary in Gaye Chapters IV-VI
  • Review the grammatical explanations in Gaye Chapters IV-VI
  • Review the dialogues in Gaye Chapters IV-VI

Practice Exercises

  • Using the dialogues as your point of departure, choose various roles and create new responses for that role in the dialogue. Have the "part" answer in the negative instead of the positive, give difference information or change the gender. Make all necessary changes in the dialogues and be prepared to share these at the conversation sessions.
  • Write your own dialogue involving the concepts you have learned from chapters IV-VI. Make enough copies that you can actually perform the dialogue with your classmates in your conversation session.

Conversation Session Preparation

  • See above: Be prepared to take part in your classmates’ dialogues and to critique them.


  • I am comfortable using all the vocabulary I have learned in chapters IV-VI.
  • I am comfortable in social situations involving getting / giving directions, discussing time and seasons, and discussing professions.
  • I can determine which kinship terms to use.
  • I can function in both rural and non-rural situations.
  • I understand the grammatical concepts presented in chapters IV-VI.
  • I am prepared to advance to Module 21.
  • Submit self-assessment report as required by your course syllabus or program.