Study Guide 19

Media Arabic, Business and Finance, Part 2

Practice Exercises

  • Section 5 pp. 186-191: Refine your understanding of the new vocabulary words by learning their precise use according to category and context.
    • Exercise 3: Categorize the verbs you have learned according to which noun they are used with, and then use the words to complete each sentence.
    • Exercise 4: Make pairs between the nouns and the verbs, and then use the pairs to fill in the blanks.
    • Exercise 5: Use the correct prepositions to complete the paragraphs.
    • Exercise 6: Complete the paragraphs drawing from the new vocabulary.
    • Exercise 7: Use the given expressions to complete the sentences.
    • Exercise 9: Choose one of the news reports to prepare using the vocabulary provided and using information from the pictures for context. Prepare to give the news report orally in your conversation session.
  • Section 6 pp. 192-194: Practice speed-reading by timing yourself as you skim the news excerpts. Write a title for each excerpt.
  • Section 7 pp. 195-196: Practice evaluating the objectivity of a news source by comparing reports from two different sources on the same news event.
  • Read the editorial assigned by your mentor. Write a brief commentary on the article (150 words).
  • Watch the interview assigned by your mentor (30-45 minutes). Prepare points to contribute to a discussion of the interview in your conversation session.
  • Prepare to choose a topic for an in-depth debate in the final conversation session. It should be related to issues you and your conversation partners have been following and discussing during the semester.

Homework to Hand in

  • Section 5, exercises 3 and 4, pp. 186-187
  • Commentary on an editorial (150 words)

Self Assessment

  • I have completed Part 2 of "Business and Finance," pp. 186-196.
  • I have learned the precise usage of the vocabulary words and expressions from "Business and Finance" and I have practiced using them in sentences and paragraphs.
  • I have practiced skimming news excerpts.
  • I have practiced evaluating the objectivity of a news source by comparing reports from different sources.
  • I can prepare and deliver an oral news report related to business or finance.
  • I can read an Arabic editorial and write a critical commentary in Arabic.
  • I can follow the points and progress of an Arabic interview by watching and listening, and discuss it in Arabic with my conversation partners.

Conversation Session Partner Guide

  • Have each of the students deliver his or her oral news report.
  • Have the students summarize the editorial which you assigned them.
  • Have the students summarize the interview (30-45 minutes) which you assigned them and then engage the students in a discussion about it.
  • Have the students select a topic to debate in the final conversation session. It should be something relevant to issues or topics you have been discussing during the semester and in which they already have a background so they can prepare an in-depth debate. Have the students choose sides in the debate.