Study Guide 10

Media Arabic, Elections, Part 3

Practice Exercises

  • Section 7 pp. 90-92: Continue learning to evaluate how objective a news report is by comparing two sources. Read the second set of excerpts and consider the quality of reporting in each one by answering the questions.
  • Find two news reports in two different Arabic news sources on the same election. Read them carefully and then write a brief article (3 paragraphs) comparing the two reports: How objective are they? Do they include a range of different points of view?
  • Memorize the vocabulary from pp. 51-53 of the Kendall book.
  • Write notes for an oral report (7 minutes) on a particular event that you have followed in the Arabic news for two to three weeks. Your notes should include some comment or critique on the way the press has covered the event. Prepare to relate your report and commentary orally in your conversation session.
  • Complete the GLOSS online language lesson "Lebanon's Elections" ( to develop your listening skills.
  • Prepare to report on the audio news segment from the GLOSS lesson in your conversation session and discuss the larger issues at stake in the event.

Homework to Hand in

  • Section 7, questions 1-4, pp. 91-92
  • Article (3 paragraphs) comparing the two articles from different news sources

Self Assessment

  • I have completed Part 3 of "Elections," pp. 90-92.
  • I have practiced evaluating how objective the information in a news report is by comparing two sources.
  • I am able to write a brief article analyzing the biases in two differing news reports on the same election.
  • I have memorized the vocabulary from the Kendall book, pp. 51-53.
  • I have followed the unfolding press coverage of a particular event in the Arabic press.
  • I am able to give an oral report on this event which involves some critique.
  • I have exercised my listening skills by completing a series of exercises on an audio report relating to popular protest of presidential election results.
  • I consistently skim Arabic newspapers and can determine and relate the most important headlines.

Conversation Session Partner Guide

  • Engage the students in a brief discussion on the larger issues at stake in the even in the language lesson "Lebanon's Elections."
  • Have the students deliver their oral reports (7 minutes) on an enduring news event, involving a critique of the way the event was covered in the press.