Study Guide 1

Media Arabic, Meetings and Conferences, Part 1

Practice Exercises

  • Section 2 pp. 9-13: Practice finding the main information in a news article by completing the series of exercises. Learn the new vocabulary words.
  • Section 3 pp. 14-15: Learn how essential information is organized in a news article. Learn the specific vocabulary words and phrases that will provide the orienting information about meetings and conferences.
  • Section 4 pp. 16-21:
    • Begin by giving titles to each of the article excerpts, and then write the location and topics of each of the summits.
    • Learn to link the information between articles by replying to questions 1 and 2 after rereading the excerpts.
    • Learn to integrate and retain the information you read by connecting it to your own background knowledge and interests by responding to questions 3 through 5.
    • Deepen your understanding of the new vocabulary and learn to think critically about the reporter's voice by reflecting on the way word choice impacts the way information will be interpreted. Start by giving the three articles titles that reflect how the author is interpreting the information he or she is reporting. Then write out the information which is shared between the three articles.
    • Practice analyzing an author's voice critically and distinguishing the raw information from the author's interpretive voice by responding to the questions.
  • Memorize the vocabulary from pp. 5-9 of the Kendall Media Arabic vocabulary book.
  • Write two short news reports using the vocabulary from pp. 5-9 in the Kendall book.
  • Choose three major Arabic newspapers to read daily online. Check the headlines every day, and prepare to relate the top three headlines of the week in your conversation session.

Homework to Hand in

  • Section 4, questions 1-5, pp. 17-18
  • Section 4, questions 1-4, pp. 20-21
  • Two or three short news reports using vocabulary on pp. 5-9 of the Kendall book

Self Assessment

  • I have completed Part 1 of "Meetings and Conferences", pp. 9-21.
  • I have practiced finding the main information in an article related to meetings and conferences.
  • I have tuned my sensitivity to the author's interpretive voice, and have practiced separating the voice from the content.
  • I am able to think and write about the news fragments in the chapter critically and comparatively in Arabic.
  • I have memorized the vocabulary from the Kendall book, pp. 5-9.
  • I am becoming familiar with the layout of several Arabic newspapers and can skim them, determining the most important headlines.
  • I am able to discuss a recent news event with others in Arabic.

Conversation Session Partner Guide

  • Have the students report the top three headlines of the week.

  • Have the students watch a news segment, and then ask them questions to test their comprehension. Show them the segment again until they understand it.
  • Engage the students in a discussion on a recent news event, preferably one using the new vocabulary from both books. Encourage the students to incorporate the new vocabulary into the discussion.