Study Guide 8

Media Arabic, Elections, Part 1

Practice Exercises

  • Section 2 pp. 73-75: Practice finding the main information in a news article through the series of exercises. Learn the new vocabulary words.
  • Section 3 p. 76: Learn how essential information is organized in a news article. Learn the specific vocabulary words and phrases that will provide the orienting information about elections.
  • Section 4 pp. 77-79:
    • Begin by giving titles to each of the article excerpts, and then write which elections were discussed and which violations occurred in each.
    • Read the excerpts carefully and reflect on the issues in each by replying to questions 1 and 2.
    • Connect the information you have read to your own personal experience and interests by responding to questions 3 and 4.
  • Memorize the vocabulary from pp. 42-46 of the Kendall book.
  • Write two short news reports using the vocabulary from pp. 42-46 in the Kendall book.
  • Prepare to relate the top three headlines of the week in your conversation session.
  • Read the article (200 words) assigned by your mentor, and prepare at least two points to contribute to a discussion in your conversation session.

Homework to Hand in

  • Section 4, questions 1-4, pp. 78-79
  • Two short news reports using vocabulary on pp. 42-46 of the Kendall book

Self Assessment

  • I have completed Part 1 of "Elections," pp. 73-79.
  • I have practiced finding the main information in an article related to elections.
  • I am able to think and write about the news fragments in the chapter as they relate to my personal experience and interests.
  • I have memorized the vocabulary from the Kendall book, pp. 42-46.
  • I am able to write news reports using the new vocabulary I have learned.
  • I consistently skim Arabic newspapers and can determine and relate the most important headlines.
  • I have practiced listening to a news report in Arabic for comprehension.
  • I am able to discuss an issue or event in the news in Arabic with my conversation partners.

Conversation Session Partner Guide

  • Have the students report the top three headlines of the week.
  • Have the students summarize the news article (200 words) you assigned to them.
  • Engage the students in a discussion on the news article. Encourage the students to incorporate the new vocabulary, in particular the vocabulary from the Kendall book, pp. 42-46.
  • Have the students watch a news segment, and then ask them questions to test their comprehension. Show them the segment again until they understand it.