French Combined Index

Basic Communications

Greetings and Partings

Asking for Directions

Using a Telephone

The Internet

Using the Telephone

Internet and Libraries

Informal Telephone Calls

Informal Family Conversations

Formal Telephone Calls

Culture and Social Life

Meals and Food

Visiting a Home

Eating Out


Eating at Home

Visiting Martinique


Family Life

City Views

Historic Architecture

Wolof and French in Senegal


Public Libraries

Shopping and Services

Banks and Money

Food Shopping

Specialty Food Stores

At the Supermarket


Household Goods

The Post Office

Postal Services

At the Pharmacy

Braiding Hair

A Hair Salon


Air Transportation

At the Airport

Local Transportation

Air Travel

Public Transportation

Local Taxis and Buses

Taxi Service

Bus Transportation

Cars and Driving


Travel Between Cities

Train and Air Transportation

Travel Around the Country

Train Transportation