French in France

Household Goods

A person purchasing something from a photo shop

There are many options for shoppers in France. In the malls, there are both European and American chain stores as well as individual shops. There is a also a shopping district in every city and town with stores in a variety of price ranges.
Newsstands are everywhere which sell cigarettes, scratch tickets, books, candies and magazines.

In most cities or towns there is a Sunday market where one can buy clothes, shoes, leather goods, house wares, handcrafted items, flowers and food. Bargaining is not acceptable at these markets; one is expected to pay the full price. The Sunday market usually takes place in the pedestrian zone.

Flea markets are slightly different. Here one can find used items such as jewelry, clothing, records, electronics, car parts, furniture, bicycles, books, and china. Negotiating is permitted at the flea market.