French in Canada

Travel Around the Country

A blue sign directing people to tourist information center and a planetarium

One can travel extensively throughout Canada on the same types of bus lines that travel through the United States. These schedules can be accessed by automated telephone, paper schedules from the bus station, or over the Internet. The cleanliness and safety of bus stations will vary slightly, depending on location; however, one can always find vending machines, newspaper stands and restrooms in the stations. Buses tend to be clean and well tended, and on some lines, it is possible to watch movies when on a long trip. In most cases, students are able to travel for as high as a 15% discount.

Rail Canada also offers routes between major cities throughout all of Canada. There are many different classes and services offered including special rates for students, seniors, and families. Trains tend to be efficiently run and a popular and safe means of long distance travel.

Canada has numerous international airports, located near the major cities. When one needs to fly into the more remote regions of Canada, it is possible to make connections at those airports and fly to smaller national airports farther out into the country. When traveling to the airport, one should remember that taxis have a fixed rate, not dependent upon the number of passengers. When traveling in a small group, it is often cheaper and more convenient to travel this way. As well, there are shuttles leaving from the cities to the airport, on which one pays an individual fee, and shuttles and buses that run between the airport and various hotels. There is ample airport parking for those wishing to leave their cars.

One must always carry cash when departing from the Montreal-Dorval International Airport because any passenger flying to either a national or international destination is required to pay an Airport Improvement Fee of approximately $17.25 Canadian dollars. The fee ticket can be purchased at the airport from automatic dispensers or from sales desks. The fee must be paid in Canadian dollars.