French in Luxembourg


A movie theater front window

The wealth of Luxembourg's culture makes it a fascinating place both to visit and live. Whether one enjoys history, performing and fine art, food or shopping, Luxembourg offers both the tourist and resident many opportunities. A wide variety of music is performed at indoor and outdoor concerts throughout the year. The national theater and smaller companies provide the country with a rich thespian life. In the summer, many outdoor performances take place outside, particularly in the streets of downtown Luxembourg, where there is not only theatre and music, but even outdoor film. Shoppers can take advantage of stores and boutiques that range from Parisian haute couture to international name brands. The public transit system has adapted to the rich nightlife of Luxembourg with long hours of operation so that residents who live outside the city can easily participate. Each summer ends with a two-week fair in the city, enjoyed by both young and old.

Until the end of the nineteenth century, Luxembourg was under siege. The eventful history of the country has left it with many well-preserved historical sites and museums. A particular pleasure is touring the numerous castles set in outstanding countryside. For those who wish to combine exercise with history, hikes and tours feature these castles and their surroundings. The Luxembourg Sites and Monuments Service has created several different walking tours through forty kilometers of underground tunnels in Luxembourg city.

Luxembourg has a lush wine region famous for its pinot blanche, Riesling and champagne. A "weekend gastronomique" is a popular two-day event provided by local hotels which includes tours of the vineyards and the chance to sample wine. For those interested, there are chances to take part in harvesting the grapes during the month of October.

For younger people, nightclubs open at about 11:00 p.m. and close between 3:00 and 5:00 a.m.. Nightclubs sell alcoholic beverages, have either a DJ or live music, dancing and light food. For a quieter evening, a number of old houses in the city have been converted to bars and pubs where one can enjoy drinks and light food.