French in Luxembourg

Cars and Driving

In Luxembourg, most families own at least one car, and a new driver may apply for a license at the age of eighteen. Due to the fact that there is limited parking inside the capital, commuters leave their cars in a parking lot on the outskirts. From there, they travel into the city via the free shuttle bus that runs every eight minutes. To park in a lot, one must purchase a ticket from the parking ticket machine. Tourists pay in cash while residents of Luxembourg sometimes pay for parking with a debit card linked to their personal bank account.

Street signs are generally coded to indicate the type of information they contain: white for cultural information; blue for highway signs; yellow for names of streets and villages; and red for a detour.Once across the border of France, highway signs become green. In Germany, the signs remain blue; however, the highway speed limit disappears! Since there are no longer customs services in operation, cars and trucks are only occasionally checked.


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