French in France

At the Supermarket

A display of cheese inside a supermarket

Large chain supermarkets make an effort to recreate the loveliness and special atmosphere of the open markets. Supermarkets tend to be set in mini-malls where they are near other kinds of stores to provide convenient all-round shopping. Smaller chain supermarkets are found in neighborhoods and towns, as well as even smaller, individually owned markets that tend to be more expensive.

Wine and alcohol are sold in supermarkets as well as in smaller markets. In France, there is no such thing as a liquor store except when one wants to buy the most expensive wines. Otherwise all stores have a great variety of brands and prices.


  • "Taking a Shopping Cart"
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  • "The Meat Counter"
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  • "The Produce Section"
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  • "How Much Is It?"
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  • "Returning the Shopping Cart"
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