French in Martinique

Food Shopping

A person buying fruit at a market

The bulk of food on Martinique is purchased at chain supermarkets, located at various convenient points around the island as well as in the malls. For tropical fruits and vegetables, flowers, fish, spices and liqueurs, there are open markets that set up in every town. One must inquire as to that town’s particular schedule. However, for meat and poultry, as well as for canned goods and household staples, the supermarkets are where the shopping is done. There are a few individually owned convenience stores for when one runs out of a necessary item, but these stores struggle to stay open in the face of the competition of the larger chains.

There are not many specialty food shops except for the bakeries. However, many vendors can be found on the various main roads selling fish that had been caught during the day. There are also stands that sell snacks and sorbets, fresh fruits and juices to those coming home after a day at the beach.