French in Luxembourg

Eating Out

A person making a plate of food at a buffet

Native cuisine in Luxembourg is influenced by French cooking with an emphasis on beef served with locally farmed vegetables. Included in this cuisine are many simple dishes that feature organ meats such as kidney and liver. During hunting season, there is an increase in consumption of meats such as venison and wild turkey in addition to the usual fare of chicken, rabbit and lamb.

The majority of ethnic restaurants are Italian, with a few Chinese, French, Japanese, Thai, and Spanish places as well.In comparison to American restaurants, the portions are modest, and it is not considered courteous to ask to take remaining food home. Cafés range in type from very fancy "sweets" shops to the everyday café that serves coffee, beer, cakes and tarts.

A 10% tip on a meal is expected, unless the gratuity is included in the bill. It is polite to leave something even if the tip has been included in the bill. Tipping 10% is also appropriate when out for smaller items, such as coffee or ice cream. One can leave the tip on the table or simply ask for less change.