French in Morocco

Food Shopping

Trays of foods at a market

Moroccans go to the local markets for much of their bulk shopping. These markets sell fresh fruits and vegetables, either locally grown or imported. For the rest of the shopping, they go to the supermarket where they buy fresh meat, poultry and fish, fresh and imported packaged vegetables, sweets, dairy products, fresh baked goods, household goods, and a some beauty products. One does not find much frozen food at Moroccan supermarkets.

Another shopping option is the small neighborhood store, where one shops for basic staples such as bread, milk or canned vegetables. Since most merchandise is stored behind the counter, the customer gives the order to the shopkeeper. A sign outside the store indicates whether or not cigarettes are for sale. In big cities, one can shop more specifically at specialty stores that carry only one kind of ware such as fish, meat, baked goods or sweets.