French in Martinique


A red ambulance driving down the road

In an emergency, one dials 18 for police and 15 for the fire department. These emergency numbers are posted at every pay phone or in the front of the phone book. When sick, one can either call the pharmacy, police station, or ask the hotel for the name of a doctor on call. It is not unusual for a nurse to be available at each of the hotels. There are also medical clinics called SOS Médecins, and emergency rooms at one of the several local hospitals.

Martinique is not a place that is plagued with crime. Since theft can be an occasional problem, it is important for cars and houses to be kept locked, and for one to use prudence in not bringing valuables to the beach. A rule of thumb is to simply stay in places where there are other people. When one passes a beautiful beach during the day that is mysteriously deserted, it is usually a sign that the waters are dangerous. People tend to leave the beach around six in the evening; one should not walk the beaches alone at night unless one is near a hotel.


  • Emergency telephone in 200 meters
    Image 1: Emergency telephone in 200 meters
  • A hospital
    Image 2: A hospital