Group 5

Student Skills Group 5: Simple past tense, habitual past tense, future tense, vocabulary associated with vacation, education, and work

  1. Ask each person to describe what s/he did last summer.
  2. Create a set of identity cards and hand them out. Role-play a dinner party where everyone is trying to get to know everyone else. Each person talks about his/her job, where they went for vacation last year, and when their next vacation will be. This can be done with just 2 people or with more.
  3. Create a set of new horoscopes for each person in the room using the future tense or create a new horoscope for each sign.
  4. Ask the students individually to share how they imagine their life in 10 years using the future tense.
  5. Role-play the following scenario: a study abroad student meets with his/her advisor at the university s/he is studying at abroad. The advisor asks the student to bring him/her up to date with the student’s current educational history for example:

       a. What does s/he study?
       b. What other languages does s/he study?
       c. What other subjects has s/he taken?
       d. How many courses did s/he take last semester
  6. Bring in an example of a job classifieds that list different employment opportunities. Read through the different employment opportunities and discuss which jobs interest the student(s) and why.
  7. Reenact a job interview between a recent college graduate and a prospective employer. The student(s) may choose the type of work field.
  8. Ask each person to describe his/her daily routine last semester using the habitual tense.
  9. Role-play the following scenario: A student recently comes back from a study abroad experience and tells his/her grandparent all about what s/he did during the study abroad.
  10. Bring in pictures of different destination areas from the target culture’s country/countries. Ask for an itinerary to be planned for one of the destinations and using the future tense, share what they will do once they arrive there.
  11. Ask each person to describe his/her dream job. What kind of tasks does this job require? What does someone with this job do everyday?
  12. Create a story: create your own character for a story and have each person add sentences to the story.