2C: Examples & Assignment

2C: Video Examples and Section 2 Written Assignment

Section 2 Written Assignment

First watch the video examples below. Even though you may not understand the language involved, you can still observe the way the conversation partner and students interact.

Think about these questions, write down your notes, be prepared to talk about them in group discussion. If you are doing this training individually, you will need to prepare written answers to each question and e-mail your written work to the FCCSWL office before scheduling your individual conference.

1. Study the examples of speaking activities and watch the sample videos. Get a sense of the wide range of speaking activities that can be used in a conversation session. What makes each of the videos a good example of a speaking session activity?

2. Carefully look over the very first unit in the textbook used for your language. Make a list of the types of vocabulary and language usage your students learn in the first lesson. Go through the Menu of Speaking Activities and choose three activities that could be used with students studying the first unit. Describe how you would introduce each of these three activities in the conversation session. In other words, how would you give the students instructions for the activity? How will you communicate what you want them to do?

3. Chose any unit in the second half of the textbook used for your language. Go through the menu of speaking activities and select at least three activities that are appropriate for practicing what is covered in that unit. Describe which three activities you have chosen, why you chose those activities, and how you will adapt the generic instructions to make an activity that is representative of your language and culture.


Video Examples

Offering Cake
Questions and Answers
Turkish Bingo
Instructions for a Role Play