Group 2

Student Skills Group 2: Numbers 1-9, 10-20, colors, days of the week, months of the year

  1. Choose an object in the room. Ask for the number of objects in the room to be counted. For example you may choose a pencil and there are three pencils in the classroom.
  2. Role-play a scenario in which two students meet for the first time. They introduce themselves using the basic greetings they have already studied and exchange phone numbers. Each student must write down the phone number s/he hears and then repeat it back to their role-playing partner to verify it is correct.
  3. Role-play a scenario in which a student runs into a friend’s parent and asks for his/her friend’s cell phone number from the parent. This requires the use of both the formal and informal depending on which role is being recited. Be sure that each person role-playing has the opportunity to switch his/her role.
  4. Bring in dried beans or an object that easily comes in multiples. Place the maximum number student(s) have learned of the object (for example if they studied 1-20 then place 20) on a table. Ask how many there are. After they answer, start to take away a 2-4 at a time and continue to ask how many there are until there is only 1 left. You can also use to practice simple arithmetic with numbers.
  5. Bring in a series of pictures of the different seasons. Be sure one can easily recognize which season is which. Ask which months belong to each season.
  6. Bring in a series of sports and activities done in all four of the different seasons. For example images of people skiing in the winter or at the beach in the summer. Ask in which month can one do these activities. Which season?
  7. Role-play two students meeting for the first time. They introduce themselves using basic greetings and ask for the following information: (1) telephone numbers and (2) addresses.
  8. Create a sample page of a planner (agenda book/calendar) for the current week. Place the month, the year, and the numbers but not the days of the week. Point to each slot and ask for the correct day of the week. If dates have been studied, then you can also ask for the full date for each day.
  9. As a group, ask for the names of the different colors seen in the room.
  10. Bring in different colored images, such as those in a magazine, and ask for the names of the colors seen in the images.
  11. Conversation starter question: What is your favorite color? This can be a question you ask towards the beginning of a conversation as a warm-up to the next activity.