Going Over Homework

Going over the homework that the student has prepared to hand in is the first stage of the tutorial. While mentors will eventually retain the homework and correct it thoroughly, a quick perusal of the student’s work for the week serves to bring any problems to the forefront immediately.

Going Over Homework Example I (Swahili)

In this Swahili tutorial, the mentor quickly peruses the homework, points out difficulties and gives pertinent explanations.

Going Over Homework Example II (Turkish)

This homework discussion is conducted in both Turkish and English.

Going Over Homework Example III (Persian)

In this clip, the student has brought in a Persian dictation. The mentor has the student read the dictation as he has written it. The mentor gives supplemental information to help the student understand and remember words that he has gotten wrong. This exercise is good for pronunciation, writing, and listening comprehension.

Going Over Homework Example IV (Turkish)

Before handing back the previous week’s corrected essay, the mentor quizzes the student over the last lesson’s vocabulary to make certain he has retained it.

Going Over Homework Example V (Persian)

While going over homework, the issue of making a phone call and the use of phones and mobile phones comes up. The mentor makes certain that the student understands the vocabulary differences and gives him additional vocabulary to clarify. The student’s questions engender a discussion about phones.