Student-Centered Learning

Having concentrated on their assignment all week, students should arrive at their tutorial with questions for the mentor. Therefore, no two tutorials are alike, even if each student is following the same study guide. The mentor has to be prepared to discuss questions raised by the student instead of concentrating on something the mentor thinks the student needs to know.


Student Centered Learning I (Persian)

In this clip, the student opens his book and starts the questioning process. The mentor answers the question and the two of them discuss the issue. Note how the questions originate with the student.

Student Centered Learning II (Pashto)

This following discussion begins with the student’s saying “this is still confusing me.” He then poses questions about the grammatical pattern and the mentor uses that as the base for his explanation. 

Student Centered Learning III (Pashto)

Here the student asks about the future tense and a discussion ensues. The mentor gives a series of pertinent examples and the student follows up.