While conversation sessions should take place with books closed, tutorials can take advantage of the book for various exercises. In-text dialogues, which may be recited or acted out in a conversation session, can be used in a tutorial to make certain the student understands what s/he is reading and the cultural innuendo behind the text.


Reading Example I (Pashto)

In this clip, the Pashto student is reading aloud and explaining the meaning of what he is reading..

Reading Example II (Pashto)

Here the student is reading aloud and trying to translate. The interjections of the mentor help the student recognize the nuances of what he reads. 

Reading Example III (Persian)

Before letting the student read, the mentor gives him a clean copy of the text so that the student has to read without his notes in the margins. The student reads and the mentor asks him questions about what he has read. The exercise develops into a thorough discussion of the textual passage. 

Reading Example IV (Swahili)

In this intermediate Swahili tutorial, the mentor has the student read the passage and then the mentor asks questions to ensure comprehension.