Guide 10

Shashlyk, or Turkmen kebabs, one of the favorite dishes in Turkmenistan

Learning Goals

  • Review the material in the previous 6 Topics and 9 Guides.
  • Evaluate your Competencies by practicing the Situation Dialogues.


  • Review the Self-Assessment points in Guides 1-9. Work on any points with which you are not yet confident
  • Review the Conversation Session Preparation lists and Conversation Partner Guide instructions for Guides 1-9. Be prepared to conduct similar activities in the oral portion of your module quiz
  • Make a list for yourself of the important cultural concepts you learned in these modules
  • Review all vocabulary in Topics 1-6 and all assigned core vocabulary in Guides 1-9
  • Review the grammar points and notes for Guides 1-9
  • Practice speaking and writing dialogues using the phrases and vocabulary you have learned
  • Test yourself using the various, random vocabulary and grammar exercises included in Guides 1-9

Assess yourself to see if you have mastered the primary goals of the 9 modules.

  • To be able to express initial greetings, identify and introduce yourself, to ask and respond about well-being and say goodbye.
  • To be able to ask and answer personal information questions, to exchange information about families, to make a polite request and express gratitude.
  • To be able to identify types of food, to order food at a restaurant, and to refuse food or drink politely.
  • To be able to find means of transportation and your destination, and to discuss traveling.
  • To be able to ask for and give directions and to be able to understand directions given to you.
  • To be able to ask for prices, items and quantities.

Situation Dialogues for Extra Practice

  • Situation # 1: You left high school 10 years ago. You have run into one of your high school teachers. Tell him/her what has changed in your life, and what you have been doing since graduation.
  • Situation # 2: You are at the market and you only have dollars. Find the black market exchange place, find out the exchange rate, and exchange dollars to the local currency manats. Then do your shopping, negotiating with sellers regarding the prices of what you want to get.
  • Situation # 3: Your friend is visiting from the U.S. and you need to buy bottled water for her. You go to the market to buy some, but the seller is locking up his store when you have arrived. Explain why you need the water desperately.
  • Situation # 4: There is a party tomorrow. Call your friend asking for directions and if you could get a ride. Ask at least five or six questions to resolve your situation.
  • Situation # 5: You need to get from one town to the other. Ask for directions how to get to the bus station/train station, and pick your type of transportation. When you have transportation, make arrangements with the driver or buy the ticket for the train. Make sure you are getting a good price. Ask about the conditions of the ride (length, comfort, departure/arrival, and etc.).