Guide 6

National Melon's Day in Turkmenistan - Turkmen people pride themselves on the quality and variety of the melons grown in the country

Learning Goals

  • Memorization of the vocabulary in Topic 3, Competency 3
  • Understanding of prepositions and imperative forms
  • Review of the dialogues and their memorization in Topic 3, Competency 3
  • Ability to recognize food, different types of fruits and vegetables, and expressions
  • Memorization of the core vocabulary lists: Expressions, Prepositions, Vegetables, Fruit, Verbs Expressing What to Do, and Verbs for Cooking.

Getting Started

  • Review all the dialogues in Topic 3 and memorize the new dialogue in Topic 3, Competency 3.
  • Review the grammar notes in Topic 3.
  • Identify the new vocabulary lists.

Practice Exercises

For Extra Practice

  • Listen to the dialogue: At the Bazaar
  • Try to understand the meaning of the dialogue and improvise one on your own.

Culture Capsule

Conversation Session Preparation

  • Be prepared to role play the dialogues .
  • Be prepared to make requests and answer requests made by the conversation partner or classmates.
  • Be prepared to talk about food and what you like to eat.
  • Be prepared to use the vocabulary and grammatical concepts of Topic 3.
  • Be prepared to make new dialogues.


  • I have memorized the vocabulary in Topic 3 and core vocabulary lists in this module.
  • I understand and can use the imperative form and the prepositions.
  • I have memorized the dialogue in Topic 3, Competency 3.
  • I can identify types of food, order food, refuse food, and talk about cooking.
  • Submit self-assessment report as required by your course syllabus or program.