Section 3E: Assignment

Section 3E: Section 3 Written Assignment

Create the lesson plan and expression list described below. If you are doing this training individually, you will need to e-mail your written work to the FCCSWL office before scheduling your individual conference. 

1. Create a written plan for your first/next session. Your plan should be similar in format to the sample plan for Greek I (3B: Sample Plan). You should write the plan in a way that you can easily refer to it with quick glances during your session. You do not want your head buried in your session plan, but it is fine to refer to it throughout the session so that you keep yourself and the student on track. If you do not yet have the textbook and syllabus for the course you will work with, you may need to wait to do this step.

2. Using the list of commonly used expressions and instructions for conversation sessions for learners of English, create a similar list for your language that you can teach your students and use regularly in your sessions.