3B: Sample Plan

3B: Sample Lesson Plan - First Week of Greek I

Language and level:  Greek I
Date of session:  September 14
Chapter or material covered:  Lesson 1 “Essential Expressions”
Exchange greetings and “How are you?” questions using the language.
Topic:  Greetings and introductions
Description of activity:  Build on the warm-up by exchanging more greetings, asking “How are you?”, and exchanging names.
Time:  5 minutes
Topic:  Greetings and introductions
Description of activity:  We will role play different scenarios to practice greeting different people and at different times of day.  I will bring cards with different identities on them, such as friend, professor, boss, young child, friend’s grandmother, etc.  The role plays will include greetings, exchanging names, inquiring about well-being (“How are you?”), and goodbyes.  I will explain to the students about appropriate body language in different situations (double-cheek kisses, handshakes, etc.).
Time:  25 minutes
Topic:  Alphabet
Description of activity:  Using flashcards, I will have the students name different letters.  Then I will ask the students to spell some of the vocabulary words out loud.
Time:  15 minutes
Topic:  Useful expressions for conversation sessions
Description of activity:  Using the expressions from the textbook, I will have the students practice asking someone what they said and saying that they don’t understand.  I will also make sure they know how to say “More slowly please”, “What does … mean?”, and “How do you say …?” so that they can use the Greek expressions in conversation sessions instead of asking in English.
Time:  10 minutes
Give students a chance to ask questions in English.
5 minutes