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Levantine Arabic Audio and Video Materials

Five College Mentored Arabic Program Images

The Five College Levantine Arabic course plans are also designed for students who have completed the equivalent of one year of Modern Standard Arabic at the college or university level. The course covers colloquial Arabic as spoken by Jordanians, Lebanese, Palestinians, and Syrians. Additional colloquial Arabic courses will be added in the future.

Levantine Arabic Audio Comparisons

Basic phrases as spoken by Jordanian, Lebanese, Palestinian, and Syrian speakers. The format allows students to compare pronunciation and word usage among various speakers of 'Levantine' Arabic.

Getting Acquainted Phrases
Shopping Phrases
Days, Months, and Time Expressions
Body Parts

Levantine Arabic Situation Videos

Videos depicting everyday conversations and commentary on everyday life by speakers of Levantine Arabic.


Formal Greetings    translation

Good Morning    translation

Good Evening    translation

Female Friends Greeting    translation

Male and Female Friends Greeting    translation   video comprehension guide

Greeting and Asking About the University    translation   video comprehension guide

Three People Introducing Themselves    translation

Asking for Directions

Asking for Directions    translation   video comprehension guide

Where is the Post Office?    translation

Where is the Restroom?   translation

Where is the Mosque?    translation

Where is the Library?    translation

Meeting and Asking for Directions    translation

Business and Transportation

A Taxi Ride    translation

Buying Tickets    translation   video comprehension guide

Buying Postcards    translation

Buying Fabric and Stamps    translation


My Family in Palestine    translation

The Members of My Family    translation

My Sister    translation

On Food and Cooking

About Breakfast    translation

About Lunch    translation

About Dinner    translation

Favorite Food    translation

Making Mjadrah    translation

How to Make Knafi    (no sound)

Tea with Friends    translation

Ordering Drinks    translation

Everyday Life

Making Plans    translation

Discussing the Weather    translation

Discussing Embroidery    translation

Eid    translation

Making Plans for Eid    translation

The City of Jerusalem    translation

My Best Vacation    translation