Slovak in Slovakia

Local Transportation

A tram pulling up to a stop

Local transportation in Slovakia is very efficient and widely used. It includes buses, commuter rail, and, in the capital city, trams, trolleys, and the ferry. Schedules can be found posted at the stops; however, local transportation is so frequent during the day that most people do not find it necessary to consult schedules. In the capital city, local transportation runs all night.

Tickets can be bought from a machine at the stop or from a news agent. Tickets differ by the amount of time they are worth. Upon getting on, one must validate the ticket in a ticket validating machine located inside the vehicle. The traveler must be ready to show a validated ticket to a ticket conductor when asked. Ticket conductors legitimize themselves by a metal plaque held in their hand and are normally accompanied by bodyguards. They do not check every vehicle of transportation, but they charge heavy fines to those not having a validated ticket. Convenient travel passes can be bought at any time at the transit authority sales office.


  • "Buying a Tramway Ticket From a News Agent"
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  • "Buying a Tramway Ticket From a Machine"
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  • "Validating a Tramway Ticket Inside a Tram"
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  • "What Happens If You Don't have a Ticket"
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