Spanish in Mexico

Food Shopping

Several shoppers and families shopping at an open market, featuring several vendors and produce stands

In the cities, supermarkets are located in the malls; however, most Mexicans shop for produce at open or indoor markets because the produce is fresher and less expensive. Open markets usually set up Monday through Friday and sell meat, fruit and vegetables, beans, dairy products and bread. Vendors also sell imported clothing. At these markets, cash is the only form of payment.

Supermarkets sell all kinds of food, including canned foods, fruit, cheese, meat and vegetables. One can often pay with credit and debit cards as well as cash.

Special ingredients such as fresh yeast to make bread must be bought at special bakery stores. Other kinds of specialty stores include bakeries, open at breakfast and dinner, that sell milk and a variety of special breads.

Small supermarkets can be found in almost every neighborhood, while small convenience stores can be found at almost every corner. Convenience stores sell items such as canned foods, flour, sugar, coffee, fresh bread and cold drinks. They also sell household and cleaning items, but not fresh foods such as fruits, vegetables, meat, chicken or fish. Liquor is for sale at some convenience stores.