Target Language Use (Using the Language the Students are Learning)

The conversation session is designed to be the time when the student is completely immersed in the language, so keeping the session in the target language is essential. This is the one opportunity all week that the student has to practice the language with peers, so no time should be lost in English. Tell students that during the last 5 minutes of the session they may ask questions in English if they still need to and then stick to the target language.


Target Language Use I (Hindi)

Even beginners can learn to respond to classroom commands in the target language.

Target Language Use II (Hindi)

The conversation partner is praising a student in this example. Note how she uses both Hindi and English to make sure the student understands the praise. This kind of response on the part of the conversation partner will raise the student’s self-confidence level and make her ready to risk speaking again.

Target Language Use III (Swahili)

Here the conversation partner gives all her instructions in the target language. This is the way sessions should be conducted.