Twi in Ghana

Open Markets

A table of produce at the market

Outdoor markets open at the crack of dawn and stay open until dark. Although the market is open every day, usually there are two days that are special market days, when much fresh produce comes in, and people travel from longer distances both to buy and sell. There is usually public transportation near market locations so that people do not have far to travel to take the bus from the villages. One can shop for fresh vegetables and fruit, mostly beef, seafood (salmon, tilapia, crab and snails), and live poultry which will be killed and dressed at home by one of the women in the household. One can find herbs, spices and bulk rice for sale as well. There are also stalls where shoppers can buy freshly prepared food to eat while shopping.

In addition to food, vendors sell clothing, shoes, electronic equipment and accessories. One can purchase live doves for religious purposes, and often there will be goats and sheep for sale. One will find vendors that offer rudimentary kitchen furniture, such as unvarnished stools, tables and chairs. There may even be small internet cafes set up so that shoppers can check email.

The villages are fairly self-sufficient; many have farms for the purpose of feeding their family. When there is a surplus, the produce is sold. During the week, farm surplus is sold by vendors walking through the streets and neighborhoods with produce carried in containers on their heads.