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Eating Out

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Eating out is not as popular in Turkey as it is in the United States, but it is an activity that is on the rise, especially for people at work or who are out running errands. Families might eat out on special occasions. The food is generally delicious, mostly cooked with fresh ingredients. Eating natural and organic food has become more important in recent years, and restaurants and food merchants advertise as such. Some restaurants and eateries offer their own produce or meat from animals from their own farms. Prices vary depending on the reputation and the location of the restaurant. In urban areas, a variety of international food is available. In smaller towns the options might be more limited.

There are many types of Turkish restaurants from which to choose. Some serve drinks and munchies for informal gatherings; these places also have music. Others specialize in meat kabobs or vegetables. Since vegetables make up an important part of the typical Turkish meal, vegetarians will have no problem finding plenty of options. Along the sea coast fish constitutes a main offering for many restaurants, and it is delightful to have dinner by the Mediterranean as the sun sets.



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