Thai in Thailand

Taking a Ferry

A ferry sitting on the water

Bangkok has many different ferry ports, each serving different destinations. The first key to ferry travel is to find a ferry going to your destination. It may be necessary to stop at various ferry ports and ask at their information counters before finding one going to your destination. There are several types of ferry and water taxi services. Large ferries travel the most slowly but are less expensive. Ferries to destinations further away, especially geared to travelers, will have food and restrooms. Ferries that primarily serve commuters for short distances may not have restrooms or food on board. If a fast trip is desirable, water taxis operating speed boats will get to the destination quickly, but the trip will be much more costly. At some ferry ports, passengers pay using ticket machines; at others, tickets are purchased at a counter.


  • "Asking for Information on the Ferry Dock"
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