Spanish in Spain


A hotel

Given that Spain has such a large tourist industry, it is possible to find hotels ranging from the most luxurious international chain hotels to more modest, locally owned one or two star hotels. For those wishing to spend less money, hostels are an alternative. In Spain, a hostel is the equivalent of what might elsewhere be called a "pensione." One has a private room with the option of either a private or shared bathroom. A Spanish “albergue” is more similar to what Americans refer to as a hostel. An "albergue" is a very inexpensive lodging where one shares a room with other travelers and is usually responsible for providing one’s own bedding or sheets.

For extended stays, it is possible to rent rooms in private homes as advertised in local newspapers or on various internet sites. For those willing to spend more money, an apartment, a house or even a villa can be rented through well-advertised agencies that specialize in vacation rentals.