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Eating Out

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In Spain, “tapas” is the name of a dish eaten in a small quantity. For instance, one would say a “tapas” of omelette. "Tapas" has also come to be known as a very popular kind of restaurant, where one can order one or more small helpings of meat, egg and vegetable dishes. "Tapas" bars tend to be less formal than regular restaurants since one is served at the bar or counter without formal seating arrangements.

As much as the cuisine of Spain is largely based upon soup, meat, fish, and fresh vegetables, certain regions have their characteristic recipes. The north is known for hot soups; on the coast and in the south, there is fish. Balencia prides itself on the famous fish stew, paella. When in those regions of Spain, the traveler will notice that these dishes are prominent menu features.

There are not many international restaurants in Spain. One will find mostly Italian and Chinese cuisine as well as American fast food chains.