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A man talking to a worker at a public dry cleaner, asking to have his pants dry cleaned

Virtually everyone in Slovakia owns a washing machine, though not a dryer. Every rental apartment should also have a washing machine since there aren’t any public laundromats. Some dry cleaners might offer laundry service, but it is unusual. Dry cleaners are inexpensive and offer quick, next day service for a slightly higher price, but they do not offer home pick-up or delivery.

Dry cleaners do not require a phone number but rather an address. This, in itself, is just a formality. It is entirely up to the customer to remember to pick up laundry. One can not count on a phone call as a reminder! Abandoned laundry left at the dry cleaner is discarded within days.



  • Cleaner shop window
    Cleaner shop window
  • Receipt
    Cleaning receipt