Portuguese in Brazil


A black public pay phone

Nearly all pay phones require phone cards. Very few will accept tokens, and there are no more pay phones that accept coins. Phone cards are available in units of 10, 20, 50 or 100 minutes from vendors, the phone company or from kiosks. The accessibility and number of pay phones varies greatly depending on the area of Brazil.


  • "How to Use a Public Pay Phone"
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  • "A Public Telephone Booth"
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  • "How to Get a Phone Number"
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  • "How to Place a Call through the Operator"
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  • "How to Make a Collect Call"
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  • "Calling a Friend's House"
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  • "Calling a Hotel"
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  • "Calling the United States"
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  • "Chatting with a Friend"
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  • "A Telephone Busy Signal"
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Click on the text to hear the spoken phrase.
  • "Hello"
    (spoken by person answering the phone)
  • "Hello"
    (literally: "speak", spoken by person answering the phone)
  • "Yes"

  • "How's your family?"
    (It is commonly used to ask how the person that you are speaking to is and his/her family is before asking for the person you wish to speak to.)
    Como vai a família?
  • "Goodbye"

  • "Until later"

    Até mais tarde