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The CD version of Everyday Norwegian is designed to work with a web browser accessing files either directly from a local drive (CD drive, hard drive or network drive) or over a web server. The top or main page of the site is in the directory "norlocal" under the filename nlmain.html . All links in the project are relative to this file: nlmain.html Note: The video links (.ram files) are formatted for local playback or standard web server playback. They are not coded to enable streaming using a RealServer.

Local access to Everyday Norwegian should be restricted to students of the institution purchasing the CD. Institutions may and should make backup copies of this material and may transfer the files to servers or local drives to facilitate local distribution. If the material is placed on a web server, access should be restricted by password protection or IP address. Placement of this material on a website open to public view or reproducing individual copies for use outside the lab would be considered a violation of the copyright held by Five Colleges, Incorporated.

Everyday Norwegian should be used with Netscape Navigator version 4.0 or higher, or with Internet Explorer 4.0 or higher. Older browsers may not correctly handle the answer checking features in the multiple choice and fill-in-the-blank exercise sections. Some computer and browser combinations may also have trouble recognizing the special characters used in writing Norwegian. In Netscape browsers the character set should be set to Western (IS0-8859-1); in Internet Explorer the font should be set for Western Alphabet. JavaScript must be enabled for the answer checking features to work.

The video materials on Everyday Norwegian require the RealPlayer browser plug-in (version 6.0/G2 or higher) which is available as a free download from . RealPlayer 6.0/G2 or higher will run on most Windows machines with Win 95, Win 98, or Win NT operating systems and a Pentium speed processor. It will also run on newer Macintosh machines with OS 8.1 or later and at least a 604 chip with a 200 MHz processor speed (including G3s, G4s, i-Macs, and some PowerPCs). Users with older machines will not be able to access the video on this site. RealNetworks also makes a "Plus" version of their RealPlayer which has more features, but also requires payment by credit card before downloading.

In order to facilitate use of Everyday Norwegian in language classrooms and labs, the Five College Foreign Language Resource Center makes this CD-R version of the website available to language teachers and labs. For more information contact .

Technical questions related to accessing Everyday Norwegian or any other material on LangMedia may be directed to .

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