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Everyday Norwegian

"Everyday Norwegian" Videographer, Content Creator, and Editor
Margaret Hayford O'Leary, Ph.D.
Professor of Norwegian
St. Olaf College

Producer and Project Director for the Five College Everyday Language Series
and the Five College Foreign Language Laserdisc Series

Elizabeth H.D. Mazzocco, Ph.D.
Five College Associate Professor of Italian
and Director of the Five College Foreign Language Resource Center

Five College Everyday Language Series
Amy L. Wordelman, Ph.D., Project Manager and Web Designer Jessica Ducey, Technical Assistant
Nicholas Lesiecki, Technical Assistant
Thomas Matthews, Technical Assistant
Jacqueline Tran, Technical Assistant

Five College Foreign Language Laserdisc Series
Dave Curran, Program Designer
Stavros Siokos, Ph. D., Project Manager and Designer
Stavros Kokkoris, Associate Project Manager
Michael Johnston, Ed.D., Assistant Videographer
Glenn Fawcett, Technical Assistant
Heidi Holder, Ph.D., Assistant to the Producer

Student Videographers and Native Speaking Assistants
Dan Bendikson, Hampshire College
Monika Borbely, Mount Holyoke College
Ayse Basak Akiska, University of Massachusetts
Ahreum Cho, Amherst College
Kanwalroop Kathy Dhanda, University of Massachusetts
Dora Huss, Mount Holyoke College
Stavros Kokkoris, University of Massachusetts
Iva Kovarikova, Amherst College
Akinyi Okoth, Mount Holyoke College
Stavros Siokos, University of Massachusetts
Jelena Trkulja, Amherst College
Irena Tumova, Mount Holyoke College
Nattika Wattanasuttiwong, University of Massachusetts
Sophie Yohani, Mount Holyoke College

We would like to thank the following individuals:
Professor Chrysanthi Bien, Dartmouth College
Professor Peter Bien, Dartmouth College
Professor Surendra Gambhir, University of Pennsylvania
Professor John Hartmann, University of Northern Illinois
Professor J. Joseph Lake, University of Massachusetts
Professor Hyo S. Lee, Indiana University
Professor Angelo Mazzocco, Mount Holyoke College
Professor Margaret O'Leary, St. Olaf College
Professor Biljana Sljivic-Simsic, University of Illinois-Chicago
Mrs. Irene Starr, University of Massachusetts
Professor Laszlo Tikos, University of Massachusetts
Professor Anita Trivelli, University of Pescara, Italy
Professor Sharifa Zawawi, City University of New York

Made possible through the generous support of:
Booth-Ferris Foundation
Center for Teaching, University of Massachusetts
Charles E. Culpeper Foundation
U.S. Department of Education

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