Spanish in Ecuador


A bed in a hotel

Since Ecuador is very enthusiastic about tourism, the many available hotels range from the most luxurious to more modest and affordable settings.Five star hotels, such as the large international chains, tend to be very expensive, but there are more modest hotels for “backpacking” tourists. These hotels have the basic amenities such as a dining room, private bath and television, yet they are considerably less expensive.Hotels are easily booked through the many travel agencies liberally located throughout the country. For the less expensive hotels, one does not need a travel agent during the off-season. Motels are not generally encouraged as an option for tourists since they are often frequented by prostitutes.

Hostels are another widely used form of lodging, popular with both students and adults. Youth hostels are the least expensive option, offering large rooms with many beds and a shared bath. There are hostels for adults, with rooms that sleep two or three and a shared bathroom. Hostels are fairly easy to find in rural locations; however, one can even find small, clean hostels in the cities. In addition, smaller towns often have families who are willing to rent a room to travelers. These lodgings would most resemble a bed and breakfast.