Five College Spoken Arabic Courses Self-Assessment Report

This self-assessment is due at the end of every week and no later than 9:00 am on the following Monday morning. Late assessments will be read for comments, but will receive only partial credit. Your comments may be read by the program director and your course organizer. Spoken Arabic conversation partners do not read these reports unless we ask your permission first. Any concerns that come up in self-assessments will be addressed confidentially by program staff. 

Student Information
Course Information
Please type in your Language and Level.
Reflect Upon Your Learning
Which parts of your study went most smoothly for you this week, were most interesting to you, or best met your learning needs? Any successes with which you are especially pleased?
What problems, difficulties, frustrations, or anxieties did you encounter this week and how were you able (or not able) to resolve those difficulties?
Conversation Session
If you were absent or your session did not meet for some reason, please explain in the “Comments” box below.
What percent of the time was the language you are learning used in your session?
The Ideal Conversation Session

The ideal conversation session upholds the Center’s community commitments and follows best practices for activities and engagement. Students are actively speaking and interacting in the language for the entire session. Activities require students to improvise speech in situations similar to how the language would be used outside of the classroom. Time is NOT spent doing grammar exercises, translating between languages, or taking extensive notes. Everyone has ample opportunity to create meaningful speech in the language, and all participants share responsibility for including every voice in the discussion. The session fosters a culture of reflection and respect.

Other Questions or Concerns
Is there anything else we should know? Any questions? Concerns? Logistical issues?

You can also contact your course organizer, Theo Hull, at or 413-542-5264.