Who are the language mentors?

Language Mentors

A variety of language professionals and native speakers of the language work as mentors and conversation partners with the Mentored Language Program.

  • Full-Time Mentors: The Center has a full-time language mentors for both Swahili and Hindi. Dr. Agnes Kimokoti is the Five College Swahili Mentor. Karla Carruth is the Teaching Assistant for Hindi and Urdu. Both mentors have the Five College Center for World Languages as a home base, but conduct tutorials and conversation sessions on all five campuses each week.
  • Visiting Fulbright Scholars and Five College International Scholars: Each year the Five College Center for World Languages hosts visiting scholars who work as language mentors with the program. Most of these scholars come through the Fulbright Foreign Language Teaching Assistant Program. This program brings young scholars who are training to teach English in their home countries to the U.S. for one year. The scholars gain experience in language pedagogy by teaching their native language to speakers of English, while also having the opportunity to live and work in an American academic environment.
  • Local Graduate Students: A few local graduate students work as language tutors and conversation partners each semester.
  • Undergraduate Native Speakers: Undergraduate native speakers who have been formally educated in their native language sometimes work as conversation partners for small group conversation sessions. Undergraduates do not conduct individual tutorials or grade homework.
A student and a language mentor sitting at a desk having a discussion
Students and language mentors talking around the table
students doing work with their language mentor
a language mentor helping students
a student and a language mentor talking to each other in front of a white board
students listening to a language mentor speaking