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Getting around Turkmenistan

Map of Turkmenistan and its major regions

Turkmenistan has five main regions: Mary, Ahal, Lebap, Dashoguz, and Balkan. One can reach any destination in Turkmenistan by car, train, or bus. Major cities have airports with flights leaving for most-travelled destinations several time a day.

Cars in Ashgabat   Another street

Cars on the streets of Ashgabat. There are many different types of hotel in Turkmenistan, many conforming to international standards.

Street in Ashgabat   Street

A view of an Ashgabat street at night. Mass transit is very popular and well-used in Turkmenistan.


Boarding pass for local travel on an airplane.

Street   Another street

Main road and sidestreet in one of the major cities in Turkmenistan.

Panarama street

A view of a major road in Ashgabat.