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Trains and Buses

A white metrobus with colorful lines along the side

Trains provide a convenient way to travel between cities. A variety of different classes of service are offered depending upon whether the train car has air-conditioning, upholstered seats or berths, and the number of stops made during the trip. First class sleeper cars will have upholstered berths in small compartments that can hold from two to six people. The compartment will also have a toilet (be aware that refuse goes directly onto the tracks below). Second class sleepers have wooden berths without upholstery. The lowest classes of service have only wooden seats. Trains tend to run more or less on time depending on the route and train type.
Tickets are purchased at the train station. After purchasing the ticket it is necessary to go to a separate service counter to get the coach number and seating/berth assignment. There are special cars for women and also special family cars. Women traveling alone should be certain to be placed in a women-only car. Women traveling alone would also be advised to have someone see them off and also meet them at their destination station.
Travelers bring their own food and drink for the trip. Train stations also have people selling food and drink. Often it is possible to buy more food and water at station stops along the way. A visitor who encounters special problems during travel should ask for help from a train station manager.
Numerous private companies offer bus service between cities. Each company will have an office where tickets are purchased and buses boarded. In general, it is best for women not to travel alone. If necessary to travel alone, a woman should be insistent about making sure her seat is next to another woman.


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