Urdu in Pakistan

Food Shopping

Spices piled high for sale in a market

Typical local grocery stores sell dry goods such as rice, oil, spices, and lentils, as well as common toiletry items. There are set prices and no bargaining. Large posh supermarkets sell high-priced imported food items and toiletry items such as deodorant and feminine hygeine products.
Fresh fruits, vegetables, and meats are sold by vendors on the street. Meat prices are fixed; fruit and vegetable prices can vary among vendors. It is possible to bargain with a fruit or vegetable vendor, but not usually worthwhile. Buyers can usually pick out the fruits or vegetables for themselves. Sellers usually provide bags. Food is sold by the kilo or by a local measurement called a "pao." There are about 4 paos in a kilo.
Milk and yogurt are sold in special shops. The milk or yogurt is put in a plastic bag and sold by the kilo. Be careful not to drop the bags, they will break! The milk sold in shops must be boiled before being used, but the yogurt can be eaten as is. All milk is whole milk. Skim milk can only be found in dried powder form at a grocery store.



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  • "kilo"

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  • "quarter of a kilogram"

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  • "bag"

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